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Succulent cosmetic bag for my makeup

I have been loving this succulent cosmetic bag from Society 6. I think it is so fun to post on Society6 my artwork and photos. And I am very pleased with the quality of their products and how the prints look like. The picture I posted looks the same as on the cosmetic bag.

Succulents are so adorable and I have them everywhere in the house. And it is even more fun to carry them around on my bag all day long 🙂 This bag is cute and very practical. The size is perfect for me because I usually don’t carry a lot of makeup.  I love all the greens and the plants, and just by looking at them I fell more calm!

These are some of my favorite cosmetic products!



Succulent cosmetic bag

Succulent cosmetic bag

Succulent cosmetic bag

Succulent cosmetic bag

On the picture:

Succulent cosmetic bag  

And Society6 has very often discounts and free shipping! So I would recommend to wait for some of their special offers.

Badger lip Tints are so lovely!

Hurraw!  lip balm is my favorite!

2nd Skin Concealer is the best concealer I have ever tried!

Jane Iredale Lip Pencil are so long lasting and very creamy!

100% Pure Luminating Creme is so gorgeous!

100% Pure Lip and cheek stain is great for my lips and cheeks!

Physician’s Formula, Organic Wear, Jumbo Lash Mascara is pretty good for my sensitive eyes!

Pacifica, Solid Perfume, Tahitian Gardenia has such a nice, fresh sweet smell!

I don’t paint my nails, but when I do, I use Girl Nail Polish because of good ingredients. But they last for only 1-2 days! For me that is ok!


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