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Cut out pink sweatshirt DIY idea

I love old or cheap clothing that has the potential to become something new, something interesting. When I saw this sweatshirt in the department with reduced clothes at H&M, I fell in love with the color and the price. The words on the sweatshirt are also not bad 😉 I immediately knew what I want to do with it. So here’s my idea how to cut out pink sweatshirt for interesting new shine.

You will need:

» sweatshirt

» scissors

» decoration (if you want )


cut out pink sweatshirt

cut out pink sweatshirt


For start,  try the sweatshirt on and decide how long you want it to be. My advice is to cut the edge a  little bit, then try it on again. You can always shorten it more. If  you want, you can first measure the length and then cut off the bottom edge.


cut out pink sweatshirt


I have cut out just the bottom edge of the sweatshirts, because later if I get bored with this length I can shorten it more 😉


cut out pink sweatshirt


In this photo I marked the measures of how I have cut out the upper side of the sleeve.


cut out pink sweatshirt


If you want you can decorate it with badges or patches.


cut out pink sweatshirt

And if you want to see how the sweatshirt turned out, check out my blog tomorrow. I am going to post a whole look with this cut out pink sweatshirt 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂


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